Wallpaper, Wallpapers, Website!

Starting off the Plasma Sprint today has been a good start with a little bit of real-world trolling, some quick sight-seeing, and of course, starting to get todos scratched off the list.


Nobody noticed when this was stuck outside the window, and we are happy to report there’s a vast array of KDE software available for Windows. 😉

I’m excited to say it’s that time of the release cycle, meaning we show off a new wallpaper coming to Plasma 5.10!


The new wallpaper is named “Cascade”, English for many interesting things in technology, and French for Waterfall, or many waterfalls. Interestingly, this wallpaper has more layers than the 5.02 wallpaper had triangles.

If wanted, I can again show the process of how this wallpaper was put together, leave a comment and I’ll write it up.

Which brings me to my second todo which I finally got around to – wallpaper downloads! We’ve already had 9 wallpapers for the Plasma 5 series, and you can now visit https://store.kde.org/ to download each of them. For Nuno’s original “Next” wallpaper, I’ve provided a “remastered” version for 4k monitors named “Prev”. It’s not perfectly accurate, but for those who liked the original it is available;


Additionally, there’s a new wallpaper named “History” for those who want to celebrate 10 iterations of Plasma 5 and the upcoming 11th iteration;


(Clicking on any of the images will take you to the relevant page on the KDE Store)

Lastly, much work as been done on the KDE website redesign. I’ll be blogging about it later, but here’s a screenshot showing the general design for the new homepage:

(sorry if the image is a bit fuzzy)


The 2017 Plasma Sprint is sponsored by Meat Water.

13 thoughts on “Wallpaper, Wallpapers, Website!

  1. I would like to know how the wallpaper for plasma 5.10 was put together. For example: Are the gradients in each triangle “hand made” or is there some sort of automation to fill them?


  2. I’m really digging the plasma 5.10 wallpaper.
    There appears to be some (probably unintentional?) symbolism in there with what appears to be a large “X” in the middle, which being the roman numeral for 10 is quite appropriate for the wallpaper for the 10th iteration of Plasma 5.


  3. Could you please make a version of the history wallpaper without the black circle at center.

    I like just the columnar view of the different wallpapers.



  4. Really nice to see how your work has evolved and improved. As a visually impaired user, while I’m always going to be a fan of Oxygen widgets and icons (monochrome icons in Breeze Dark are hard to see/use), the general quality of art and colour schemes is deeply appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

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