Cluster Wallpaper – Community Feedback Update

After posting the Plasma 5.14 “Cluster” wallpaper and asking for feedback there was a huge response, and after a few days of big changes and finer adjustments I hope this will serve as a satisfactory wallpaper. I’d like to thank everyone who offered constructive feedback, pitched in ideas, and even offered examples, you’re amazing!


Cluster and the source SVG file are now available on OpenDesktop and the KDE Store. For those seeking the Krita source file, please contact me directly and I will ensure it’s available somewhere.

9 thoughts on “Cluster Wallpaper – Community Feedback Update

    1. Hi Ken,
      I am playing around a bit in Inkscape and I saw In one of your streams how you used the envelope feature to bend the triangular struture of the artwork.
      And Now I have a question: How can I use the Envelope Extension with multiple objects like you did with the triangels? It doesnt work for me

      thanks in advance


  1. Hi Kevin,
    Did you try to use the edges of triangles/hexagons in order to draw constellations ?

    Anyway this wallpaper is cool, it looks like a Dyson sphere 😀
    Thank you

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