Queueing up for Plasma 5.8

It’s been too long since I’ve posted on Planet… I missed you! But despite my slothish activity there are rituals to be followed, and so comes a wallpaper for Plasma 5.8;

Probably the first thing I’ll mention is that the Plasma 5.8 wallpaper will be shipping with a 4K UHD version. The last wallpaper was meant to have a 4K version, but it simply didn’t happen. Seemingly everyone is beginning to enjoy screens with high pixel densities, so it’s about time we shipped wallpapers to match, and it’s a fun bullet-point for an LTS release.

Here it is;

We still have a short window for tweaks and adjustments, so if there’s feedback for minor changes I can try to fit them in. I know a couple minor tweaks I’d like to make as well.

The general theme of the wallpaper is to try bringing back the vibrancy of earlier wallpapers; there’s been a trend making things progressively darker, and it had been mentioned that several people missed the energy of older wallpapers. With that in mind, hopefully this iteration has that light and energetic vibe without looking like a hot mess.

On a more personal note, some weeks ago the company I work for had been bought out. Because of that everything I was working on had to be put to the backburner while I sorted things out. I had to make some extremely difficult decisions, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t mess me up for a while there. It’s been intense. I also still have i’s to dot and t’s to cross.

Ultimately it means that I’ll be moving from coast-to-coast and south of the border to work in the United States. It’s a bit freaky penetrating the bureaucratic nightmare that is immigration forms, and sobering as I send them out. But I’ll be joining the ranks of many great Canadians who crossed the border: Jim Carry, William Shatner, Mike Meyers… *cough*Beiber*cough*

I can’t say I know what this will do to my contributions; whether or not my new job will give me more time, less time, or if I’ll need to stay back until I even really know 100% what’s going on. I certainly don’t plan to stop contributing, but I can’t say how active I’ll be in the near future until I see where the chips fall, things are also still in a state of upheaval.

I am, however, still looking forward to Akademy. I’m set to give a 30-minute talk on design iteration; whether or not you are creating a new application or maintaining an old beast, effective iteration is the key to great design. πŸ˜‰


20 thoughts on “Queueing up for Plasma 5.8

  1. Hi there πŸ™‚

    > It’s a bit freaky penetrating the bureaucratic nightmare that is immigration forms

    What do you will do now, since Trump make it hard until impossible for you, to get visa any longer?

    Go back to Canada?


    1. Luckily I dodged that bullet entirely when I was hired by Blue Systems; now instead of having to worry about the US government screwing with me I’m now working from my home in Canada, so my biggest problem is deciding between tea and coffee in the afternoon. πŸ˜€


  2. Nice wallpaper. The top right corner: there is a little step between the first and the second cube. Because the line is smooth under that, it looks a little bit like the screen is tearing.


  3. I love this image, yes, the colors are more vibrant, which I like, but I like all of your images, none of them I removed from my machine. Keep up the great work!


  4. Lovely Wallpaper! Cannot wait. As I cannot wait for 5.8 as such: Being a power user of KDE in my business I do long for the much needed long term stability and relative buglessness that 5.8 seems to offer.
    Good luck in the United States! (And, yes, Fiber. To my mind the one thing still really, really lacking in KDE land: a great browser that integrates seamlessly with all that is KDE, such as activities, and hence can become its pivot. (Browsing per se being the pivot of what most people do when on a computer). From what you have written about it previously it seems Fiber has the potential to become just that. Much more so than any of the other Qt-based browsers already about. I do hope you will find time to further develop and release its code to a community so it can realize its potential. If not: most grateful for what you’ve already done!)


  5. Of all your wallpapers this one I like the best!

    Somehow the yellow glow requires a bit of polishing, as it seems to me, but I cannot say what I would change (I’m not a designer at all).


  6. Seriously, enhancements and additional functionality is nice and all, but the KDE team needs to take a step back and fix some of the bugs that keep propitiating up the version chain. Slow down, move some of your developers to the bug fixing team, and get this thing working properly before we’re stuck with a system so efed up we might as well be running Windows 95 or Vista. In my mind, Plasma 5 should still be in beta, of not alpha, and you’re two version away from 6. You’re moving way too fast.


    1. Two versions away from 6? There were KDE 4.10, 4.11, 4.12, 4.13… Linux 3.20… The second number increase independently from the first one and vice versa. The increasing of first number means a break with the previous version and Plasma will be 5.x for many years.
      And please, don’t complain off topic, it’s annoying.


    2. While i agree with you, that a little bit more bug fixing and lesser focus on new features are healthy, are the most issues on the packaging side, i use Plasma 5 since 2 years and i am happy since with it.


  7. Sorry to hear that about your last job. I’m sure you’ll be fine, it’s not like you are leaving your talent behind!. I’m also loving that wallpaper.

    P.S.: Sending us Beiber cancelled out all of the good that Canada has ever done for us. You guys pretty much went back to square one in my book.


  8. Sorry, Off-topic: What is the state of Fiber? Will it be release (perhaps an alpha/beta version) anytime soon? There are a lot of expectations on it πŸ˜‰

    Thanks and good luck with your new endeavors!

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