That Time of the Cycle

With Plasma 5.6 long out the door, it’s time for the traditional changing of the wallpapers! Or at least, showing what the next wallpaper will be.

With Plasma 5.7 we won’t be venturing too far from where we are in 5.6. As I mentioned in a previous post about wallpapers we have been paying attention to the feedback, trying to find something that hit the right balance. The 5.6 the wallpaper seemed to hit that mark, so you’ll see fewer dramatic swings in the wallpaper direction; we’re goanna stick with what works for a while.

Here’s the 5.7 wallpaper, “Skylight”;

(Download 2560×1600)

I’m keeping very close to the formula of the current wallpaper, and generally this is what people should expect for a few wallpapers for the next few releases of Plasma. I’ll vary the ‘material’ and positions a bit in the future, but I didn’t want to do that too much during our transition to perspective this release… Perspective was the one thing I meant to do with the current wallpaper, but for various reasons it didn’t happen.

One thing that also came up was assembling the old wallpapers somewhere for the people who preferred a previous release. I’d like some opinions and feedback on a few questions if we decide to do this;

  1. Where would you want all the wallpapers stored? A ‘legacy wallpapers’ package, the current additional wallpapers package, OpenDesktop?
  2. Would you want me to “George Lucas” some of the wallpapers, and tweak/improve the lower-quality ones for re-release? Or should we just drop some of the really early ones?

So, what do you think we should do with the older wallpapers? Comment below, let us know!

29 thoughts on “That Time of the Cycle

  1. I liked this one, but I liked the previous one better, it would be really nice to have the older wallpapers as an option. In fact, I found this blog while looking for the previous wallpaper to replace this one.


  2. I’m sorry to say this, but IMHO this wallpaper looks really bad (I even actually set it as the wallpaper for some real-world testing before commenting). It’s way too busy for a wallpaper and actually (IMHO) looks as if someone simply rendered a corner of some old game’s strangely-textured room. As an added bonus, some aspects look like rendering artefacts (small black holes/gaps in the “floor” at the triangle grid vertices; black gap at the bottom alongside triangle edges) or at least really odd (three-dimensional, yet flat – looks like cheaply-rendered – “background wall” texture, blue gradient).

    The only somewhat nice touch is the glowing lights alongside the “background wall” – but these don’t fit to the general style …

    In comparison, your wallpapers for 5.4 and 5.6 looked *way* better.
    IMHO they still contain too many hard edges for wallpapers, but at least they look like something finished. Please don’t push strange, “artsy” wallpapers for whatever reason, but rather create some beautiful and elegant ones worthy of KDE …

    I’m very sorry about the negative feedback, but please do not ship this one. 😦

    Thank you very much.


    1. Small addition in case anyone wonders what strange stuff I seem to be making up: the preview image embedded above actually looks better than the original, full-size/sized-to-screen one.


      1. Fair enough, I’m smellin’ what your sellin’. In this case the general wallpaper was already reviewed and committed so there won’t be any overhauls to it, but I’ll have as look and see if I can touch on any of your points without changing the overall aesthetic, since you listed several specific areas I can do practical touchups I could fit in as ‘bug fixes’.

        (No guarantees on how much will change, but I’ll give it a shot)

        I guess the big thing will be taking these lessons into account on the next wallpaper, and just making refinements in general.

        Anyway, sorry to see this wallpaper isn’t for you, hopefully the next round will be an improvement. :3


  3. I, for one, think the wallpapers are excellent. It’s so fun to see what the wallpaper looks like in each Plasma release. It’s really something to look forward to, and the main reason that I’ve switched to using the default wallpaper. (And I like that it’s using bold colours, instead of the typical ‘boring pattern in shades of blue’.)


    1. While I appreciate the link, I fail to see why you’re saying this wallpaper doesn’t follow colour theory. If you take a colour wheel and place the wallpaper colours on it you’d find that not only is this using a split-complementary palette, but that there are also several other touches.

      The orange line is the opposing colour, and as an accent is both the most vibrant colour while not receiving a significant amount of canvas area. It’s placed very specifically to serve as a divider between the charcoal area, which has extremely low saturation, and the colour area, which are two slabs of cool colours.

      It’s also worth mentioning that while colour theory is a foundational guide, but it’s not the only way to compose something – it would be like saying writers should never deviate from the monomyth writing template. You can bend or break theory when you have an understanding of the consequences of doing so, and how to balance the result if you do.

      Anyway, it’s fine not to be a fan of something, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s broken in some way. I would certainly agree that older wallpapers did not follow any reasonable structure, but a great deal of effort has gone into improving several aspects of our wallpapers; colour, composition, and human interface guidelines have all been closely examined.


  4. > For me we should add all the previous default wallpaper in the current wallpapers package or
    > create a “legacy-wallpapers” package:)



  5. 1. Put them in a ‘legacy wallpapers’ package (‘plasma-default-wallpapers-old’?).
    2. I’m all for a gentle ‘George Lucas’ treatment of the older wallpapers to fix any minor issues. Don’t drop any old wallpapers (i.e. put them all in the legacy wallpapers package).


  6. How about 3440×1440?

    What’s wrong with storing wallpapers where they are now?

    I don’t know what it means to George Lucas wallpaper.


    1. It might be an idea to have a “4K” package containing ultra-high-def wallpapers; we’re seeing TVs and computer screens now with ludicrous resolutions, so it’s worth talking about now. I’ll bring it up when we go ahead with whatever we do.

      Right now we don’t really have a storage place for the older wallpapers. Some users have taken it upon themselves to help do this, but there’s nothing official, nothing where we could say “go here” or “install this”.

      When I say ‘George Lucas’ something, it’s after the director George Lucas who created Star Wars. He was known for re-releasing his movies in updated formats, but making dramatic changes when he does so.


      1. I second the suggestion to provide higher resolutions. 4K UHD Monitors are common now and 5K is around the corner (thing of the 5K iMac).
        I am for a legacy package and you should George-Lucas them if they have obvious shortcomings – or a higher resolution makes this necessary. But the results shouldn’t alter the wallpapers in a obvious way (except their problems).


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