Plasma 5.5 Review


For those who haven’t seen it already, I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve been working with Michael Larabel over at Phoronix to post an in-depth review of Plasma 5.5.

You can read it here:
KDE Plasma 5.5: The Quintessential 2016 Review

I gotta hand it to every KDE contributor; I call this review comprehensive but there’s an incredible amount of information I could not cover in a sane article, and it could have easily been twice that length while still failing to hit every feature.

From me to everyone; you’ve all been knocking it out of the park, great work, and thank you. I’m looking forward to what the KDE community brings in 2016!

4 thoughts on “Plasma 5.5 Review

    1. I know this is a bit of a joke, but I’m going to be honest here because I think it’s worth saying;

      I admit I used to take the odd jab at Phoronix before I started writing, it’s super-easy to criticize from an armchair. Even after I started doing the very odd blog post I took a pot shot or two. But I have a very controlled, low traffic, forgiving environment while writing about topics I was really in the thick of. I had it easy. When I actually started writing about stuff I actually had to research, holy crap did I screw up hard. I realised it’s insanely difficult to keep up and get everything right, and I’m fortunate that I have the time to maintain the few articles I pen to update them until I look smart – I’m in an environment where I can get away with it.

      For this article I had a fairly protracted writing period, I researched, edited, kept editing, researched more and corrected and edited again for nearly an extra week after I penned the first draft, trying to make sure it was perfect… And I still got some things wrong. First comment, Reddit, I messed up the description of KaOS. I wasn’t on the clock, my electricity bill was already paid, I had every resource to get my review perfect. Michael? He’s on the clock, his articles pay his bills, he can’t waste time triple-checking his articles.

      I guess what I’m getting at is the fact that I’ve come to really respect Michael and Phoronix. He has to churn out researched articles, from the internet (a bastion of truth and quality), about topics he’s probably just learning about, for an audience that is exceptionally well versed and is very unforgiving. He makes one mistake and the wolves come out. That isn’t including the fact that he maintains his own stuff, writes a benchmark suite, moderates his community, and maybe tries to have a life outside of that. I respect having the chops to keep that up.

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