Chroma Update

So, where’s Chroma, the experimental window decoration Breeze fork? Still not released yet.

The main hurdle is the fact that Chroma previously overwrote Breeze; once you installed the Chroma repo Breeze would be kicked out like a bad room mate.

Not having both is obviously no good. If Chroma breaks and crashes Kwin, it will restart and attempt to use Breeze, instead loading Chroma… And we get into a crash loop, require users to drop to a terminal, and install an alternate DE or window manager. Blegh. Ugly.

(Not that I believe it would do that, but if I did it to one person I’d feel super bad)

The cheap and obvious solution would be to just open my project directory and do a find->replace for ‘Breeze’ and replace it with ‘Chroma’, and I’m sure that would instantly resolve all the issues – but it would completely undermine my ability to easily pull/push back to the main codebase if I mangle it.

What I don’t want the Chroma codebase to be

Essentially, I want Chroma to read as Breeze in code, and I want both codebases to easily share between each-other without naming breaking things.

So, where are we?

Right now Chroma is installing, but there’s some quantum fiddly-bits which get all timey-wimey; when you install Chroma you are presented with two Breeze decorations in the KCM. Because I’m still inexperienced with this stuff, I’m still in the process of tracking down where I must rename Breeze to Chroma to get it registering properly, but I’m taking my time because I don’t want to rename things needlessly.

So right now it should be done ‘any time’, once I realise what minor tweaks need to be made so we can get Chroma and Breeze co-existing nicely. I’ll also admit currently Chroma isn’t my primary focus, so more/less I’m just taking the odd hour when I need a breather to browse through the code and see what needs to be done.


2 thoughts on “Chroma Update

  1. FYI: This post was not aggregated to PlanetKDE.
    It looks like you wrote this post just as I was wondering what had happened to Chroma, so Great! Thanks for the update.
    As an aside, is there any news at all on DWD?


    1. Not aggregating was intentional; I try not to flood Planet, especially if the post is ‘non news’ like this. It would annoy me to no end if 100 software engineers posted articles about every minor delay. 😛

      I don’t think there’s any new or interesting DWD news for ya; For the most part I think the important things are in the pipes (Wayland) and I’d hate to divert energy away from those projects by pushing DWD too hard. I don’t want to speak for Martin, but I believe we’ll start ‘serious’ work on DWD when Wayland is in a good state; though that will still be a while off, as even after Wayland integration is done there’s still going to be lots of post-release work.

      At this point I’ll just be refining some ideas that may or may not fly; one thing I also need to do is put together a serious HIG for DWD. The main consideration is the fact that we have a Breeze HIG and I need to compliment it without alienating other DEs. Additionally I can’t be certain about some guidelines, I don’t want to say ‘tabbed applications should put tabs in DWDs’ in case there’s certain behaviours we can’t replicate, such as dragging between tabs between windows. Also, Martin might prefer to certian things, like maybe he’ll want to roll app tabs and window tabs into one ‘thing’. So that’s influencing my thinking, because if we can do certain things it will dramatically affect how DWDs should be used.


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