In the upcoming release of Plasma we’ve done some work on the humble cursor; we’ve added a few missing states, and there will also be a brand new “snow” version, along with minor tweaks to the existing Breeze cursors. But me being lazy and the merge window having closed, there are a great many more cursors which haven’t made it into this release, so I’m putting them here for everyone to use and redistribute.

All of the cursors I’m posting will have 2 versions; the source and the compiled versions. Download the source if you’d like to edit, remaster, or improve the icons – build instructions are included, and our build script has been significantly improved and should be pretty easy. If you just want to use the cursors download the compiled version and simply extract them right into your icons folder (usually found in /usr/share/icons/) and enable them in your control panel.


Not much has changed, but if slightly softened shadows and diagonal cell-sizing cursors are important (or you just don’t have the default cursors) then here they are;

Breeze (Source)
Breeze (Compiled)

Contrast Cursors:

Probably the most important cursor set I regret not getting into this merge quickly enough is a new contrast style; so if you or someone you know is a visually impaired user, I’d like to offer this new cursor set. I can’t claim to be visually impaired myself, so if there is a user who is visually impaired I would like feedback on this particular cursor set and its usability. It also comes with an extra-large size as well.

Breeze Contrast (Source)
Breeze Contrast (Compiled)


Hax0r3d! Some people love it, other people hate it; here’s a colour-matched cursor to accompany the “Ghost” “hacker” style.

Breeze Hacked (Source)
Breeze Hacked (Compiled)


Is the dark default cursor not dark enough?

Breeze Obsidian (Source)
Breeze Obsidian (Compiled)


This was a widely requested style; white Breeze cursors! These cursors will be in the upcoming plasma release, so if you’re upgrading, you can skip installing them.

Breeze Snow (Source)
Breeze Snow (Compiled)

Other Colours

Amber, purple, blue, and red… ‘Nuff said.

Breeze Amber (Source)
Breeze Amber (Compiled)

Breeze Purple (Source)
Breeze Purple (Compiled)

Breeze Blue (Source)
Breeze Blue (Compiled)

Breeze Red (Source)
Breeze Red (Compiled)

22 thoughts on “Curses! … I mean, Cursors!

  1. Really like the Snow Cursor.
    Unfortunately seems broken
    run under VirtualBox. No
    idea ( OK probably the VB
    video driver ) why…


  2. hi!

    i loved your cursor set, i wonder if you can give me a start point to port it to windows, i’m just stuck on finding this site (and obviously the source files) but i cant find anything else.

    i guess the *.cursor files aren’t just the image or animatios, i tried to open it with a image editor but it didnt work, i googled more and found a plugin to get access to .cur and .ico files (dunno if it worked with .cursor files too, and the plugin was made on 1999 or so heh…)

    im not asking for a port, i really want to learn how to because we have so many good looking things on linux but when i have to use windows it’s just sad how not good looking it is.

    best regards and thanks for the cursors, i already have it installed on my linux partition.


  3. do you know how often people notice my cursor on my laptop?
    my coworker Matt does. he says you wouldnt expect that cursor color is something people would notice (and I run the full KWIN eye candy when Im at work) as much as they do.

    Im not sure if someone has told you “Thanks” for the work you do but the work does make a difference on a desktop as its the thing we look at the most (the 2nd most watched thing, the system tray, on the other hand… oy vey!)
    It helps make my desktop into something that “I” like but also change depending on what Im doing. Sometimes I want to my cursor to blend in and sometimes (when I record music live) I want it to stand out.

    I really like the white finger on the ‘hacked’ version and the arrow version but that centered logo on the two spinners looks like a stretched out Boba Fetts helmet (we were having a rorschach test about this at my desk and Zoran our Python guy came up with that description.)

    Thanks to you and everyone involved in this..


  4. What I don’t understand is the amber set spinner is such a departure from the base set? Not that is bad or ugly. Just different and a good alternate.


    1. The Amber cursors were origionally based off the Snow cursors; while re-colouring I wanted to simply replace the white with yellow. Once I did that though, the spinners looked terrible so I dug into the Obsidian cursor spinners and re-colored those.

      I nearly made unique spinners for each set after that (which I did for the “Hacked” theme) but it was beginning to get out of hand, so I stopped myself. If/when re-visit them later, I may look at doing something more. But yeah, more/less the only reason Amber got special treatment was because it looked funny,


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